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Social Media Automation Software

Qualitative Automation

The good content

on the right network

at the perfect time

to the right audience

How does it work ?

Build your own amazing automation scheme with our drag n' drop interface.
Activate your strategy with a simple click and let's spend time on valuable tasks !

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Our main use cases


Global / Local strategy (Franchise)

Map easily your social ecosystem. Unify your communication, harmonize your worldwide presence on social networks and take advantage of a simple management.


Automate your publications

Aggregate your content and let the software automatically apply your amazing strategy. The right content, on the right network, at the right time. Do a three men work in just a second.


Employee Advocacy

Empower your employees to become ambassadors. Let's discover the power of an engaged and informed workforce. Give influence to people who are really able to use it.


Content curation

Aggregate, discover and share awesome content to your social networks or employees. Increasing visibility and building an amazing community has never been such easy.

Improve your strategy

Automate your strategy

Build an efficient automation strategy to let you concentrate on most valuable tasks

Manage your content

Use our great features to organize and moderate contents you want to share

Include call to action

Use Snip.ly to build on your traffic. Collect data or drive visitors towards additional information

Track your traffic

Use UTM tags and Bit.ly URL shortener to analyze your performance

Measure your performances

Define your KPIs and evaluate your strategy's efficiency with great charts.

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